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september 14th, 2004 - september 13th, 2005

The natural gesture and its cultural transposition in art: theatre, dance, cinema, video, architecture, visual arts, up to and beyond the limits of the physical

"The gesture as a screaming force, a vital necessity, interpretable without need of translation, gesture, which was born in man and with man, an expression common to every latitude of the earth. Gestures born before the very concept of culture, but which culture appropriates for itself, often removing them from their utilitarian use to set them up as examples. Its function extrapolated, gesticulation becomes empty, mere aesthetic expression, yet the protagonist of a new sphere testifying to the relationship between nature and culture. Just as the word from an elementary sound grows into a refined expression of thought, so the gesture from pure need matures into pure aesthetic expression."

The project aims at defining possible intercultural models to seek out a common European Identity through the study and representation of primary forms of communication; it will investigate the different expressions of non-verbal paralanguage which reflect the multiple picture of contemporary Europe, from which can be developed ways to gather together and share local cultures of the different countries.

In a constantly-changing society, these urgent queries - of identity first of all, of forms of communication and language, then comparison and integration with "other" languages - are those on which artistic expression hinges: therefore, the project intends to deal with the theme of the gesture through the specific, different cultural and artistic approaches, for a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary vision. A particular focus is therefore put on the young generations of artists, invited to take part and offer their possible answers through the creation of new productions.

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